KJV Prepper Sticker Pack #2


Stickers are a great and popular way to decorate laptops, cell phones, iPod’s, or even snowboards. We thought, why not Christian stickers! Jesus is Lord! Sticker Pack #2 will be released soon, keep watch!

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Stickers are a great form of individual expression, and a unique way to decorate everyday carry items. Will they see it on a laptop at the Coffee Shop, on a cell phone case at the grocery store checkout, on a car window, on a Thermos or water bottle, on a lunch pail at work? Where will you find room for your Jesus is Lord sticker? Sticker Pack #1 includes the following three original KJV Prepper designs: Jesus is Lord, Worn to Warn logo, America Bless God, and Be Vigilant made into high quality stickers by the experts at Stickermule; “made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight.” Decorate car windows, truck cabs, water bottles, laptops, iPod’s or cell phone cases, snowboards, or any other object where JESUS IS LORD can be seen, and bear witness wherever you go!

  • Durable weatherproof vinyl
  • Withstands wind, rain, snow, and sunlight
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV laminate
  • Dishwasher safe

Other objects in picture not included.


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